The Acton Medical and Urgent Care Facility will be CLOSED

for the upcoming Statutory Holiday: October 11, 2021

Acton Medical & Urgent Care Practitioners

Dr. N. Alshakarji - Family Doctor & Walk-In Clinic

Dr. D. Jayalath - Family Doctor & Walk-In Clinic

Dr. A. Raouf-Alkadhimi - Family Doctor & Walk-In Clinic

Dr. R. Abboud - Family Doctor & Walk-In Clinic

Roger Firsoff - Nurse Practitioner & Walk-In Clinic

Dr. V. Tooming - Walk-In Clinic Only

New Patients looking for a

New Family Physician

Flu Vaccine

For HIGH RISK patients and for children under the age of 5, that are registered patients of Acton Medical please contact our office 519-853-4449, to arrange an appointment for your Flu Shot (subject to availability).
Flu Shots are available by appointment only and can NOT be booked via email. 
Acton Medical does not have any High-Dose Flu Shots.
Halton Region Public Health has fully distributed its allotment of High-Dose Flu Shots. 
The Ministry of Health has indicated that further supply of the High-Dose Flu shot is not expected.