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Email Inquiries

  • Do NOT email for URGENT medical concerns, CALL the office 519-853-4449 

  • Do NOT email for Medication Renewals: Contact your pharmacy and have your pharmacy fax the office, 519-853-5242 to request the medication renewal.​

  • Emails are received and reviewed by the office staff and they will attempt to respond promptly to your email (3-5 business days); however due to the high volume of emails received the office cannot guarantee that any particular email will be read and/or responded to within that period of time.  Thus, email is NOT to be used for medical emergencies or other time-sensitive matters.

  • ALL Emails MUST include the following in the subject line:  the patient's name (as it appears on their Health Card), date of birth and phone number.  Do not include multiple patients in 1 email; each patient requires an individual email.

  • Be aware that email communications to and from may be added to your patient chart and become a part of your medical record.

Email Address:

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