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Blood Test
Preparing for Blood Test

The Dynacare Laboratory that is located at 

10 Eastern Ave. has RE-OPENED!


Monday - Thursday:  8am-12pm

No appointment needed


Health Card and Lab Requisition(Paper Copy) REQUIRED

Please note that the lab may stop taking patients at anytime, due to time constraints


Alternative Lab Locations

Please be aware many labs now suggest booking an appointment for bloodwork. 

Find the below links and head office phone numbers for: 

locations, hours, protocols and information regarding test preparations

LIFELABS -   Multiple Locations    1-877-849-3637


ALPHALABS - Erin    519-833-7014    


DYNACARE - Multiple Locations    1-800-565-5721, 1-800-668-2714

Please be aware it is the lab's responsibility to inform you of any lab tests that are not be covered by OHIP. 

It is your decision if you would like to proceed with any tests not covered by OHIP.

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