The Acton Medical and Urgent Care Facility will be CLOSED

for the upcoming Statutory Holiday: October 11, 2021

Urgent Care "CALL-IN" Clinic Hours

A mask or face covering is required for ALL interactions at Acton Medical and Urgent Care!

A VALID Health Card is required for all assessments. 

If you do not have a VALID Health Card, please see our Policies & Fees tab.

Due to COVID-19, patients for the Urgent Care Clinic are to CALL 519-853-4449

during the listed hours below to have a telephone assessment with the physician on-call. 

If the physician deems it medically necessary - an in office assessment will be arranged.

Please be patient when calling into the Urgent Care CALL-IN Clinic;

1 front desk staff answers the calls and there are 4 telephone lines. 

If you don't get an answer please try your call again.

Monday:         5pm-8pm,

Tuesday:        6pm-8pm

Wednesday:   5pm-8pm

Thursday:       5pm-8pm 

Friday:            5pm-8pm 

Saturday:      11am-1pm 

Sunday:          CLOSED

Acton Medical Family Physicians the Urgent Care "Call"-In Clinic

are CLOSED for all Holidays.


All listed hours are subject to change WITHOUT notice.