Flu Shot?

The office has run out of both Regular & High Dose Flu Shots
For HIGH RISK registered patients of Acton Medical please contact our office 519-853-4449, Tues. Oct. 27, to arrange an appointment for your Flu Shot (subject to availability).
Flu Shots will be available by appointment only and can NOT be booked via email.

COVID-19 & Doctor's Notes


As per the OMA (Ontario Medical Association), Doctors are not to make notes stating that patients do not have COVID-19; the doctor's office can instead provide the patient with a copy of their negative COVID-19 laboratory result. 


A negative COVID-19 laboratory result is the only way a doctor can confirm that a patient does not have COVID-19.

New Patients looking for a

New Family Physician

If you don't have a family doctor at this office, but you would like a telemedicine assessment......

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Acton Medical & Urgent Care Practitioners

Dr. N. Alshakarji - Family Doctor & Walk-In Clinic

Dr. D. Jayalath - Family Doctor & Walk-In Clinic

Dr. A. Raouf-Alkadhimi - Family Doctor & Walk-In Clinic

Dr. R. Abboud - Family Doctor & Walk-In Clinic

Roger Firsoff - Nurse Practitioner & Walk-In Clinic

Dr. V. Tooming - Walk-In Clinic Only

COVID-19 Information 

Acton Medical and Urgent Care is NOT a testing site for COVID-19. 


Patients who are concerned that they have been exposed to COVID-19 or are having symptoms of COVID-19 are encouraged to get assessed and tested at an Assessment Centre.

The following link provides an up-to-date list of COVID-19 symptoms:



Please use the following link for COVID-19 self assessment, testing locations and checking for your COVID-19 test results:


 If you have a medical emergency please call 911.


If you have any medical questions/concerns you can call 

Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000.