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IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS - MUST READ prior to using online booking system!

DONT use the online booking system to book:

- Flu Shots

- Immunizations

- TB tests (Uninsured service - fees will apply)

- Lesion Removal: mole, skin tag, wart etc. (Uninsured service - fees will apply)

- Ear Flush (Uninsured service - fees will apply)

- Driver's Medical (Uninsured service - fees will apply)

- Forms (Uninsured service - fees will apply)

These appointments MUST be booked directly with the front desk staff by 

calling the office at 519-853-4449 x 0 to book these appointments. 

If this policy is ignored the appointment may be cancelled without notice and it will be your responsibility to contact the office to rebook. 

1.  Office Appointment

Please do not use this link to book complete physical and/or pap-smear appointments; if you ignore this - your appointment will be cancelled without notice. See section 2. to book complete physical and/or Pap-smear appointments



Click to book with:






2.  Complete Physical and/or Pap-smear In-Office Appointment 

A complete physical can only be booked yearly. A pap-smear is due every 3 years, unless otherwise determined by your doctor or Cancer Care Ontario. If you are unsure of when you are due for an appointment please call the office 519-853-4449 x 0


Click to book with: 








3.  Telephone Appointment

For your telephone appointment please expect your call within the time frame noted below:

Dr. Alshakarji - will call you between 8:45am-5pm on the appointment date that you book

Dr. Jayalath - will call you within 1hour of the appointment time that you book

Dr. Raouf-Alkadhimi - will call you between 8:30am-5pm on the appointment date that you book

Dr. Abboud - will call you between 9am and 9pm on the appointment date that you book

Sandra (Nurse Practitioner) - will call you within 1hour of the appointment time that you book

Click to book with: 





Please note there is a fee for driver's medical appointments, notes and form completion, procedures such as: mole/skin tag/wart removal, ear flush etc. 

For the list of FEES not covered by OHIP please see our Uninsured Services Page

Welcome to our New Online Booking Page for Acton Medical Patients

If you have a family doctor at our office, you can now use our New Online Booking System to

book Office and Telephone appointments with your Family Doctor and the Nurse Practitioner.

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